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Android’s Growing Market Share

Apple’s iPhone platform quickly went from “new kid on the block” to the beheomouth of the mobile smartphone market when it was released. Over the past two years, however, the Android platform has risen to rival the iPhone, and may well soon surpass it. Continued…

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Android Comes Together

Common concerns about android surround the issue of platform fragmentation — different vendors and devices each supporting their own, incompatible subset of the Android platform. In comparison, the iPhone seems a straightforward platform with consistent (closed) features. Recent news from Google, however, promises to help bring the android platform back together. Continued…

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Saguaro Digital Introduces URL Shortening

Short URLs (those little links to or are extremely convenient. But, they’re not entirely trustworthy; when you see a short URL, you have no idea where you’ll end up. To solve this problem, Saguaro Digital is pleased to introduce, our very own short URL, which always ends up on the website. Continued…

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Girls Go Down Under Selects Saguaro Digital for Mobile Apps

Tucson, Arizona
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Nextworld Studios, creators of the popular Australian Website, is pleased to announce their selection of Saguaro Digital as exclusive provider of mobile applications and infrastructure. The forthcoming mobile application, “Girls Go Down Under Mobile”, will feature exclusive content produced solely for the small screen. Continued…

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Why to Avoid the iTunes Store for Adult Content

Recent developments in the labyrinth that is Apple’s approval process underscore the many reasons why the iTunes store should be “dropped like its hot”. Apple’s byzantine process coupled with regular reversals of opinion and a complete disregard for their app providers make doing business in the iTunes store akin to doing business in the third world. Continued…

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